Pendragon Intro

Steven makes his return to twitch GMing with The Great Pendragon Campaign. I long form rpg formed around Arthurian legends.

Steven came to me with the idea of a hype song that would reflect the era that the game was set in which is one of new knights honing their skills in a war torn era and King Uther losing his grip.

As this is also a hype song it needed to have some other elements that would add excitement to the countdown. Steven also requested that I listen to a band called QNTAL who make medieval style music infused with synthesizers. I added the synths as a way to fill out where I would normally use a string section. The guitar and drums are standard hype fare for me as they just have the energy to pull a track forward. 

After a little back and forth about tone and what would fit best we came to this piece as a final product!


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