Summer 2016 Adam Koebel as resident GM for Roll20 asked me to make a theme song for their Burning Wheel campaign. The setting was in ancient mythological times in a more grounded low magic world, but with fantasy races. In the setting this was the time where humans were becoming the dominant race, at least in number, and were trying to exercise their new power. 

The key words I derived from my conversations with Adam were ancient, mythological and a few historical/geographical terms Adam give me directly like South East Asian and Assyrian influences. 

I used these key words to inform what instruments I could use and to an extent the scales that I would stick to in order to give the music the primitive feeling I felt it was going for.

I also wrote half melodies and strung them together which in my mind was an attempt to show that history forgets and looking back from today you never see the whole picture. Partial melodies and ideas pushed forward by more primitive drums was the approach. 

During the writing of the Burning Wheel tune Roll20 asked if they could get some break music done as well for the 3-5 minute breaks that happen every hour on their shows. They were also interested in using the break music for advertisements so they needed to be flexible tunes. 

I went with two 5 minute pieces (with 10 minute variations just in case) that were just generally listenable so they could fit the needs that Roll20 had. 

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