Once upon a game.jpg

Once Upon a Game

Eric Vulgaris runs a plethora of rpgs on his twitch channel and runs a weekly ttrpg variety show called Once Upon a Game. Each week Eric and up to 4 other people play a oneshot session of a story game.

When Eric came to me to write a theme song for the show he wanted a song that would reflect the adventurous nature of the show! Also something to reflect the narrative focus of the games. So the feel had to be large enough to encompass the wide variety of games and small enough to feel like you are gathered around a fire listening to and weaving a story.  

After a little back and forth we arrived at the theme of an adventurers summer camp kind of feel and borrowing the overworld theme vibe of video games.

This is the idea that sounded most like what we were going for so I kept writing and experimenting with this.

I wanted to give it more of that overworld feel so I added an intro and beefed up the orchestration as well as adding a few varied themes to reflect the variety of the show itself.

 After a week or so the full song structure was there complete with heroic horns in the second section. Though in this form it had lost some of the "gather around the fire" quality that we had been talking about from the outset. With that in mind what is more "songs by the fire" than an acoustic guitar? So that's what it needed and after some mixing the final version was complete! 

Finally the whole tune is finished with most of the original intent intact! It certainly feels like an rpg over world theme and the addition of the acoustic guitar throughout gives it the campfire story vibe that the show has. 

As with most commissions I try to offer different versions of the final tune so in this case we have a full version with all the bells and whistles (so to speak), a version that emphasizes the guitar and so the "storytime" aspect, and lastly an orchestra only version just in case!