Viking metal intro

Limazulutango is a variety streamer and a connoisseur of coffee and language. He plays a lot of survival games and is a member of Cohh Carnage's stream team.

Last summer LZT contacted me to get some intro music. He was a fan of my RollPlay music and played it on his stream, but he wanted something more specific to him and his channel. We didn't really know what direction to go other than play on LZT's nationality so we started thinking about Scandinavian themes. Personally I am a fan of Viking metal so I suggested that sort of as a joke. LZT was down to try that idea so I began blocking out the chords and melodies of the tune.

I sent regular updates about how the tune was shaping up and to keep the song in line with what LZT wanted on his channel, as well as checking for quality and tone of the song. 

In the end LZT was happy with the tune and it is certainly viking metal! 


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