ItmeJP Intro

This is the final product of the music and animation for JP's intro!

The overall idea was to build hype for the stream and I've seen many messages in chat that this intro is one of the best on twitch! 

All together it works quite well to get across JP's stream. The visuals show that JP cares about the production values of his stream and shows. Also the movie theater reflects the wide variety of content he produces. The music is more about JP's personal tastes and building excitement or hype for the stream! Many different layers of sounds that all build

In all honesty if I could do something like this project again I would like to be in closer contact with the animator so we could end up with something more cohesive, but as it stands and as chat says, this is one of the best intros on twitch. 



Logo by Zooc -

Art work by Colorzblind -

Poloroid art by Jessica Scates -

Mirrorshades Theme

RollPlay Mirrorshades is one of the most beloved of the RollPlay franchise. 

I had already been writing fan music for RollPlay for a while when JP contacted me with info about Mirrorshades while still in the planning stages. He asked me to create a song that would help build hype and help inform the tone and setting of the game.

Mirrorshades was GMed by Adam Koebel and uses the Shadowrun 1st ed ruleset. 

As a shadowrun game that already informed me about the kinds of sounds that would be appropriate. I asked Adam for some clarification on the tone that his story would be, or at least began with as viewers know that changed quite a bit!

I love working with Adam because he has such clear ideas about the aesthetic of the world. He directed me to the works of Georgio Moroder and a few other 80's and modern synthpop legends. Those sounds mixed with the already popular synthwave and darkwave sounds were a great starting point for me to begin getting the sound of Mirrorshades.

There is a ton more process that I went through to arrive at the final product which I may dive into further at a later date, but for now I'll leave you with the finished product!

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