Love & Bantraphyll - Mecha Anime RPG music

Theme music! 

Last weekend was the first session of a show on called "Love & Bantraphyll" which uses the Mobile Frame Zero Firebrands system by Vincent Baker. 

Kelsa contacted me for a theme / hype song to use before the show starts to help set the audience up for the style of the show. The game itself is designed to facilitate a mecha anime experience in the vein of Gundam and Evangelion. Those shows have a pretty specific musical style that I could pull from and Kelsa linked me a few example songs (one from Yuri on Ice and Noir) 

I took an hour or so and listened to the references for specific energy and tone as well as some touchstones for melodic style.

 This is what I came up with and sent Kelsa early in the process

The melody remained pretty much unchanged up to the final version and Kelsa liked the brightness of the synth sounds so those stayed as well.

After listening to the references a bit more I decided to just write what came to me and let the references influence my ideas in a more organic way rather than force it. I worked on this song on my twitch stream as well so having people in chat to give me live feedback was really nice to have. Having the opinion of others rather than just my own can help while honing in on a specific vibe. 

I added guitar and drums to boost up the energy a bit and began a little bit of orchestration for the cinematic quality that can bring. Something different rather than a synth rock song.

The reference can definitely be heard in the updates as the song took shape. Now it was time to tailor the song more to the vibe of the actual show. Firebrands as a game is definitely about the robots, but more than giant awesome robot fights the game focuses on relationships, romantic and otherwise. The middle section is mostly a soundtrack to a romance montage, at least in my head. The piano and strings to me are better able to evoke romance then electric guitars and synths (though they are in there too) so I used string sections to add some much needed feeling to the track overall and also to transition smoothly back into the main theme.

At this point the full song was in view! Everything is there and has the tone of a mecha anime intro and Kelsa was happy with it! Now it just needed a fitting ending that I envisioned could be a montage of characters and their mechs landing in a "title card" type of screen. About halfway through the process is when the imagined visuals really kicked in and now it was time to go full force in that direction and let those visuals actually guide the finale into something satisfying. 

Here is the final version fully mixed, mastered and ready for final approval and delivery!

You can hear the music in context of the stream at 10am pacific on Saturdays on Kelsa's twitch channel ://

I will be continuing to break down projects I work on as they become available to the public!

If you would like any custom music from me feel free to contact me via the contact form!

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