Introductions and purpose




If you’ve found your way here than there is a good chance that you have heard my work or know of me through other twitch communities and streams. As my first post here I’ll just introduce myself a little and talk a little bit about the importance of sound and sound branding on twitch!

I have been playing music since I was 12 starting with the drums (shocking I know) when I bought my first drum kit with money I had saved from my paper route. That started my fascination with music / sound and as I grew and played music more and more I began developing my ear and my own process of understanding and writing music.

Up until 2013 I was a self taught multi instrumentalist with lots of ideas, but not much in the way of direction. The winter of 2013 was the first part of my journey into a Bachelors of Music degree and my first few paychecks for writing music. Much of the music I am best known for was written while in college studying composition, theory, recording and sound engineering and endless hours of practise and rehearsals. Maybe it’s just me, but if you listen to the first pieces I wrote for RollPlay and skip through the tunes up till now, you can actually hear the progress made through study and putting those studies to work in the fanmusic and paid work I did.

That brings us up to now where I am just four courses away from my degree and am working full time writing music for various twitch streamers and local video content producers.

Reflecting on my time in school and the work I’ve done on twitch I have come to realize how important sound and music is to most all video based content, that includes twitch. Content on twitch is unique as, while it is about the games, it is about the personalities on screen. Streamers and all their individual channels, content, and communities make twitch what it is!

 So what is sound branding?


As a composer and musician that has been enjoying twitch content since 2011, when Day[9] started doing the StarCraft daily on twitch, and as someone who is already making music for streamers and content on twitch I think it’s time to bring the same uniqueness and individuality to each streamers audio that a visual brand does.   

There are already examples of sound branding on twitch, but it may not yet have that name!

Think of your favorite shows on twitch, Do those shows or those streamers have an intro video? What about a theme song? What about custom alert sounds?

Channels like itmeJP, Annemunition, and FuturemanGaming have intro sequences with music and sound that make that content uniquely recognizable!

ItmeJP produces a lot of shows such as Dropped Frames and RollPlay. Dropped Frames has a song that they play before each episode that gets veiwers and fans ready for the show. For me as a viewer of Dropped Frames this song is forever tied to the show. Even if it is played as a break song in convention streams I am brought back to Dropped Frames.

Annemunition’s intro is a high quality motion graphic, user interface style video paired with modern cinematic trailer music. Her overlays and visual elements are all just as crisp as the intro sequence and call back to the intro video. Her notification sounds are a clip from “time” off the Inception soundtrack by Hanz Zimmer. Everything about Anne’s stream is consistent and fits perfectly with the tone that she presents!

FuturemanGaming is perhaps the best example on twitch of a consistent and unique visual and sound brand! His intro, music, notification sounds and visuals are all undeniably Futureman. All his content contributes to his “future as seen by the 80’s” aesthetic all the way down to the visor and cyan “Futuresuit”!  

Are these examples just coincidence? I tend not to think so.    

Hopefully these examples clear up what sound branding is and what it can do for your twitch channel and content!


If you have been looking for a more consistent sound for your twitch channel and content and would like to discuss it further drop me an email at drumurboy@gmail or get started by filling out the contact form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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