Past Work

Here is a more complete look at the work I've done for streamer on a variety of projects!




Itmejp has a great intro video all centering around shows and production. He contacted me to write some intro music for an animation he was having created to run before his streams.

JP is a fan of specific EDM and House music and plays it on his shows (Dropped Frames, Fandom) and regular streams often in breaks. As he is a variety streamer it wouldn't really make much sense to try to match a particular theme so we went with EDM to match with JP's interests more than a specific game or show.

Click more info to see other work I've done for JP and a look at the intro animation!  


Adam Koebel

Adam Koebel is a variety streamer, internet famous GM for various Tabletop RPG shows and co-author of award winning TTRPG Dungeon World.

As the experienced GM he is, Adam shares his wisdom in his show "Office Hours" where he gives informative and thoughtful answers to questions submitted by other GMs via his website. 

Adam contacted me to write a short intro piece which would match the style of Office Hours. He came to me with the idea of a Masterpiece Theatre type of fanfare which would reflect the tone of the show.




Roll20 is a digital tabletop software that is the main platform used for RPG's on twitch. They began showcasing their software on twitch with weekly actual play streams DMed by Adam Koebel.

I was contacted by Roll20 to make a theme song for one of their rpg campaigns and also to make a few 5 minute long break tunes. I worked with Adam to determine what kind of tune would best represent the setting of the game as characters tend to die in rpgs. The break tunes were meant to be more general as they would be played in breaks during a variety of rpg settings. Also these tunes needed to be able to be used for advertisement purposes so they needed to reflect the channel well.   



Steven "Silent0siris" Lumpkin

Steven is a game designer in Montreal who is also a fantastic GM. Steven has run many games on RollPlay including the fan favourite West Marches. Recently he has begun running rpg content on his own channel with The Great Pendragon Campaign! 

Steven contacted me to write a theme / hype song for his Pendragon show which would both reflect the traditional medieval music of Arthurian legends and infuse it with some more rock and heavy metal sounds that I am somewhat known for!




Kelsa is a regular face in the tabletop rpg scene on twitch, being on shows from Misscliks, tuxtradomus, APGaming Real and Eric Vulgaris.

In addition she runs her own games from her ongoing Firebrands show Love and Bantrapyll to oneshots of various other systems. She also occasionally does creative crocheting streams!

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LimaZuluTango is a Scandinavian variety streamer and friendly member of many communities on twitch. He has recently re branded his stream with the help of Daniel LiveSpace into a more focused norse theme.

Before the big re brand LZT contacted me to write him some custom intro music. We were unsure exactly the direction to go until I mentioned viking metal almost as a joke, but it made more sense than I had intended and I began writing!



Eric Vulgaris

Eric is a powerhouse of rpg passion and knowledge of story games. His weekly show Once Upon a Game is a variety tabletop rpg show where a new system is played every week.

On top of the weekly show he also runs ongoing long form games of torchbearer on the weekends and other short arc series. 

Recently he has been designing overlays and running BTS production for Misscliks and others!




APGaming is an electrical engineer by day and an avid rpg player, GM and streamer by night. He runs a variety of actual play rpg shows on his channel weekly.

One such adventure was named Jade Regent and this is what I was contacted to write a theme for. This was a tune early on for me as I was still solidifying my process, but suffice it to say it is meant to give the show a dramatic and cinematic tone. You can hear it in the more info section. 





MajorPIYA is an affiliated variety streamer on twitch. He recently had his whole twitch channel rebranded by Daniel Livespace who has started providing custom animated alerts as well as great design for overlays.

I saw the alerts and did some sound design and foley to make custom sounds as an exercise, but PIYA saw them on twitter and asked if he could pay for them to use on stream.

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