APGaming is a variety streamer, but the majority of his community is all about rpgs. He is an experienced and fantastic GM who runs all sorts of games on his channel.

One such campaign was a Pathfinder game called Jade Regent. AP had heard my music on RollPlay and when I was taking commissions again he emailed me about a piece for Jade Regent. 

He wanted a dramatic piece that could be used as an intro theme as well as possibly battle music. He also wanted it to evoke a journey with action and energy. Also a strong either choir or horn section that would bring the epic tone he was looking for.

In the end we decided on the brass section over a chanting choir and it worked out beautifully in my opinion and I think AP would agree!

After emailing back and forth on a few minor changes this was the result including some split tracks taken from the song that could be useful.

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