Andrew Young 



My name is Andrew Young and I've been writing music for over 10 years as a hobby and professionally since 2013. 

I am mostly known for the fan music I began writing for RollPlay on ItmeJP's twitch channel. Writing music for tabletop RPG shows and games has helped me develop the ability to write music for nearly any setting while keeping the tone of the game and setting in tact. It has also let me build up a wide variety of styles that I am comfortable writing in, from orchestral to heavy metal to synth driven styles and how to incorporate one style with another in interesting ways.   

I also stream on twitch while writing music for clients if they are cool with that. For a more concrete example check out my twitch channel where I have streamed entire projects up to the mixing stage!


If you want to get your content sounding cohesive and memorable you can contact me directly on twitter, twitch, by email or at the contact form!

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