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 Music and Sound Design

                  custom audio content for twitch streamers and visual media


Here is a selection of the music I've written. I am able to produce various styles to best fit the needs of the project!

Here are some examples of the custom twitch alert sounds I've made. I can record and design sounds to match perfectly with your stream alerts!


Intro songs

Intro songs are the some of the most recognizable and important part of visual media. If you have an animation, video, or even a simple count down the music is the thing that informs the tone of the content.

The Journey so far (Metal Version) has become the main hype song on itmeJP's RollPlay and is played before every show. It has become the most recognizable tune I've done thus far and viewers know that the party is starting when the hype song plays. 

Other Intro songs like this:

Break songs!

The music in the breaks helps maintain the tone of your content while you as a streamer can take a quick breather, get some water, or whatever else!

Twitch Alerts

Twitch alerts are a must have as a streamer, even better if they are custom made to reflect your branding. Custom sound design for these alerts can enhance the viewer experience as well as add that extra layer of production value to your stream.

I've made custom sounds for specific streamers as well as working with twitchtemple.com and NerdorDie.com to create sounds to go with their alert packages.

Here are just a few examples!



Here are a few examples of streamers I've worked with. A little information about the projects and the results.




ItmeJP is a variety streamer and producer of quality twitch content such as: Dropped Frames, Fandom, and RollPlay. Before each of his productions and regular streams he plays very specific and even custom written music.

JP is a fan of specific EDM and House music and plays it on his shows (Dropped Frames, Fandom) and regular streams often in breaks. As he is a variety streamer it wouldn't really make much sense to try to match a particular theme so we went with EDM to match with JP's interests more than a specific game or show.

Click more info to see other work I've done for JP and a look at the intro animation! 



Adam Koebel

Adam Koebel is a variety streamer, internet famous GM for various Tabletop RPG shows and co-author of award winning TTRPG Dungeon World.

As the experienced GM he is, Adam shares his wisdom in his show "Office Hours" where he gives informative and thoughtful answers to questions submitted by other GMs via his website. 

Adam contacted me to write a short intro piece which would match the style of Office Hours. He came to me with the idea of a Masterpiece Theatre type of fanfare which would reflect the tone of the show and maybe also poke fun at the cheesiness. 


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Roll20 is a digital tabletop software that is the main platform used for RPG's on twitch. They began showcasing their software on twitch with weekly actual play streams DMed by Adam Koebel.

I was contacted by Roll20 to make a theme song for one of their rpg campaigns and also to make a few 5 minute long break tunes. I worked with Adam to determine what kind of tune would best represent the setting of the game as characters tend to die in rpgs. The break tunes were meant to be more general as they would be played in breaks during a variety of rpg settings. Also these tunes needed to be able to be used for advertisement purposes so they needed to reflect the channel well.